Integrated Family Therapy

Integrated Family Therapy

This site is a complete WebBook, from cover to Glossary, including all the usual front-matter and a post for each chapter. I experimented with a custom post type for the chapters and book parts, but regular posts worked just as well and easily took advantage of post categories, menus, and other features to organize and present WordPress posts.

We also started out with a right sidebar as an alternative to the top menu for navigation, but eventually deleted the sidebar to simplify and focus the user experience. Post-to-Post navigation is aided by links to previous and next chapters at the top and bottom of each page.

Using regular posts to organize the book held up well through many revisions and I think the decision to use a full-width template makes the site easier to use on mobile devices, since nothing important ever slides under the content and large diagrams can be full-width. References are listed within or at the end of the chapter in which they are cited to avoid having to switch windows. The Glossary was a challenge because readers need to be able to open definitions while reading. To make the Glossary easier to access, links to glossary items open in a small popup window.

After the book’s content was completed and proofread, the HTML content was downloaded and converted into PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats and made available as free downloads from a Download page. To keep downloading simple and add the capability of collecting download statistics, we used Easy Digital Downloads plus its Free Downloads extension.

I’m truly pleased with how the site and WebBook turned out. I think it was a very successful collaboration with authors who were dedicated, organized, and diligent. The timetable was very long—over a year—but development stayed on track was completed on time, before a conference to present the new book. Visit the website