Innovative R P

Innovative R P

Innovative R P specializes in insurance sales and personal service to patients who need to obtain prescribed DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and orthotics. So, this site is similar to an eCommerce site in that it offers a selection of products, but instead of a “Buy Button,” patients send their valid physician script and insurance information to IRP, which verifies their eligibility, acquires the product, and may provide personal fitting services.

The site lists a small selection of quality products chosen by professionals with over 25 years of experience in DME and orthotics.  Each product has a brief description, one or more photographs, and a link to the appropriate physician script form. Most of the products have links to brochures or manuals from the manufacturer. The site focuses on succinct and clear product information, with simple instructions for submitting forms.

The design challenge of this website was to update it as a WordPress site while retaining the look and feel of the older site. We’re sure returning customers will feel at home and new customers will easily be able to find their way around. The new site is mobile-responsive and uses similar medium-dark blues and yellow accents with content against a high-contrast white background for continuity.

WordPress makes it easier for the site owner to update content and images for several reasons. While the former site was obviously developed with care and looked very professional, it required precision placement of content against a fixed-size background. Without an extensive knowledge of HTML and an external editor, such as Dreamweaver, updating the site would be difficult. WordPress content can be managed directly in the browser using a simple editor that isolates the task at hand and ensures consistency. Visit site

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