European Coffee Society

European Coffee Society

European Coffee Society is a membership site for ultra-premium freshly roasted coffee beans shipped from Paris, Pisa, and Vienna to customers in the continental United States. While coffee membership sites are fairly common, this one uniquely offers beans roasted and shipped within a day by a well-known master roaster. Shipments rotate between the three cities.

Customers may also order two varieties of rare and exotic coffee beans separately from their monthly membership. The audience for this site is coffee aficionados who want and can afford to commit to regular purchases of the exceptional coffee beans served in Europe’s Michelin starred restaurants.

Goals for the completed European Coffee Society site were:

  • An elegant appearance for an upscale product
  • Consistency with the already-developed branding package
  • Extensive information about the product and services
  • An eCommerce plugin that handles physical product subscriptions
  • Secure credit card transactions
  • Responsive design

Webbish Design was one of several contributors to the evolution of the site and can take some pride, but not all the credit, in how it turned out. The elegant black and white branding package was available when I started working on the site and instrumental in setting the tone, which carries on with a black and white color scheme and red accents.

The homepage went through several revisions, experimenting with the tagline, menus, small slider, big slider, and no slider. The site owner added many photos and detailed information about the coffees and roasters, some new landing pages and prominent call to action buttons on the homepage. The end result is what you see. The most relevant slider image became the focal point of the home page and the tagline was pared down to its essence. The logo was simplified and re-sized to go better with the smaller header.

I think it all works. The most important information and images are visible on tablets and it looks good on small screens because of the theme’s responsive design. The Genesis responsive slider worked well at all screen sizes, so I can honestly recommend it for other sites even though it’s not used here. WooCommerce, six WC extensions, and one third-party extension were used to add eCommerce functionality to the site.

If you love excellent coffee, I can vouch for the site owner as a knowledgeable coffee lover who is honest and passionate about the European Coffee Society as a way to get the world’s best coffee to people who will truly appreciate it.

Site no longer exists (checked January 6, 2018).