Blount County Friends of the Library promotes programs of the volunteer organization that supports my local Library. As you might expect, I have great personal interest in the usability and aesthetics of this pro bono project because it’s a community effort and I’m a retired librarian.

The goals for this project were challenging but simple:

  • Present existing content on a fresh canvas
  • Organize content in familiar categories
  • Simplify the process of adding and spotlighting new content
  • Improve communication by adding online forms

The site is still a work in progress, and going forward with current news about activities and programs will be a continuing challenge. So far, it’s working and I’m pleased that it managed to preserve everything that was there before. A site like this requires participation of other volunteers who actually manage programs and organize volunteer activities. Fortunately, the BCFOL has an active and willing Board of Directors and a fabulous Newsletter that is an invaluable resource for members and the website. Visit site

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