After your new site is up and running, please, please, make time to add content to it. Planning a website includes finding the time to add your own fresh and original content. Nothing is more important. A blog or website is a work in progress. Making it live doesn’t make it great. Only you can do that, with your insights, expertise, or reviews.

Few things are more frustrating to a designer/developer than turning over a shiny new site to the owner and then seeing it sit there for months with sample text. Some people get busy, some have family emergencies, some just start many projects and never finish. Perhaps it’s not surprising, but several pro bono sites I made some months ago are still waiting for content. I poured as much time and effort into them as I did into paid work, and I would dearly love to include them in my portfolio. Makes me kinda sad!

The biggest mistake folks seem to make is getting distracted by SEO instead of focusing on content. Keyword research obsessions and bogus "instant" backlink strategies are a waste of time. It’s wise to do some research on keywords and have a plan for getting quality backlinks, but content is more important.

Some of the hyped automated strategies, such as RSS feeds for individual posts, do nothing but increase the noise to signal ratio on the Internet. Auto-blogging scraped or widely-distributed content has to be the biggest source of worthless junk on the Web. Maybe it will help you get indexed quickly, but it can come back to haunt you. In the long run, these tactics won’t help. One of the reasons I don’t get particularly excited about so-called “black hat” or “grey hat” strategies is that the Panda will catch up with them sooner or later.

What really works is interesting and unique content. Develop expertise in your chosen subject area and share it with the community of other interested people. Everyone benefits, and your site will gain loyal readers.

Do yourself proud and become a Finisher as well as a Starter! Many people are good at starting projects, but the Finishers succeed.

You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain by adding content to your site! Yeah, I do feel like a mother hen, and really love it when a site starts out with fresh content and just keeps getting better.