After a recent Gravity Forms update, a contact form (on another site) that uses conditional logic displayed as nothing but a white screen. Last year, the same thing happened, but was easily solved by not minifying Gravity Forms CSS and gravityforms.js. With GF version 1.7.1, excluding CSS is not needed, but the form stopped displaying again in May 2014. As of this post, the current version is 1.8.8.

Finding the Problem

First, excluding the Gravity Forms CSS was no longer the issue, so I removed the function previously added to custom_functions.php file in my Genesis child theme.

Second, Gravity Forms had made changes to their scripts, so finding the correct script handles to exclude was critical. To make this task easier, I installed the Debug Bar plugin and its add-on Debug Bar List Script & File Dependencies and activated them temporarily in Maintenance Mode.

Fixing the Problem

With the reservation that your problem may be different, this is what restored my form:

  1. Appended the following function to my custom_functions.php file to ensure that GF scripts load in the footer:
    add_filter("gform_init_scripts_footer", "init_scripts");
    function init_scripts()
    return true;
  2. In BWP Minify options, I left the three General Options enabled, as they had been originally:
    Minify JS files automatically
    Minify CSS files automatically
    Minify bloginfo() stylesheets
  3. In BWP Minify options, under Scripts to be ignored (not minified), I removed the non-working Gravity Forms handle and added four new Gravity Form JavaScript handles:

    My exclusion list also includes jQuery and flexslider, so my complete list is this:


I can’t be certain that the same measures work with other plugins that minify CSS and Javascript, or with more complex forms, but I wanted to share the solution because it was frustrating and took a chunk of my time.