When I installed W3 Total Cache (on another WordPress site) it knocked out an Adobe Edge Animation in WordPress. No surprise, but finding a workable solution was frustrating, given that many other people seem to be having the same problem. Fortunately, there were clues that led to a simple setting change in W3TC that resolved everything without editing any code.

First, enabling Minify in W3 Total Cache was the obvious problem because the animation worked until it was enabled and nothing else was affected.

The Console in Chrome’s Developer Tools and in Firefox with FireBug reported a path error: AdobeEdge.PathPrefix is Undefined.

A Google search found some technical discussions about rough edges in Adobe Edge, which is still in Beta, and some remedies involving edits to the plugin to fix the script path issue. Editing plugin code is not a great solution because edits will be overwritten when the plugin is updated.

In this situation, the simplest solution is excluding the affected scripts from being minified by W3TC. To do that, the script files have to be identified and then excluded in Total Cache advanced options.

Step One: Identify the scripts

First, identify the scripts that are not being found. To do that, log in to CPanel and open /wp-content/uploads/edge_suite/project. Then open the folder for your live project, which will include the project name followed by a version number, such as keyconcepts_11.

The JavaScript files that are causing the error will be inside the project folder. The files will include the project name, but not the version number:

  • projectname_edge.js
  • projectname_edgeActions.js
  • projectname_edgePreload.js

Step Two: Exclude the scripts in Total Cache

In wp-admin, open Performance / Minify. Skip the section where you enabled JS minify and scroll down to Advanced and find Never Minify the following JS files. Type the script filenames in the box, as in the screenshot below:

W3TC Never Minify Box

Click the Save All Settings button.

I’m hoping that Adobe will solve this problem eventually. Meanwhile, I can keep using W3TC with Minify JS enabled. It’s a small tip, but I spent some time scratching my head over a solution and hope it saves time for someone else.